Factors to Consider when Choosing Standing Desks

Office furniture2Most people sit at an office desk with a computer in front for more extended hours; they possibly only rise to fetch a glass of water or grab a snack. Well, this is not healthy and could affect the overall health of the worker. On the other hand, there are others who also prefer to use high standing desks, place the screen or laptop on the stand and work for there. This is also not recommended and could also affect your overall health. Standing desks are a type of office furniture that can be used to elevate the problem. An adjustable standing desk allows the user to change it from a standing desk to a sitting desk. The worker can sit for few hours, then adjust the stand-up desk to a higher level and work standing for some time. One can have intervals of standing and sitting while still working. There are several types of stand-up desks available in office furniture outlets. Here are factors to consider when choosing a stand-up desk.


Consider the available office space, and where the adjustable office desk is going to be placed. Leave enough space where the user will stand and sit while in use. The desks come in different sizes; some can hold up to three laptops or monitors for the desktops. If you need the stand for sharing with other users, or for holding more than one screen, consider buying wide stands that can hold more than one personal computer.  For the best office furniture, see Uncaged Ergonomics or visit www.uncagedergonomics.com for more details.


How much weight can the desk handle? Some users have several items such as massive files on their desk, depending on the kind of work the user does. The desktop should be secure enough to carry the weight of the items placed. In this case, look for string desks with a heavy motor, to be able to hold the weight.


Consider the mode of adjustment.  It can be manually adjusted, electrically adjusted or adjusted hydraulically. The costs for the three types of adjustable chairs are different, thus consider the allocated budget before making a choice. Electric adjustable stand-up desks produce some noise while adjusting the desk, while the hydraulic operated ones are quiet. Manual desks are adjusted manually by use of the hand.


Guarantee from the office furniture seller is essential when buying a standing desk. Most sellers offer warranty; the motor can fail to function or the frames holding the table tops breaks, due to manufacturers defects. Choose to buy from the seller who offers a guarantee on the furniture. You can read more on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/janet-miller/8-common-office-chair-mis_b_12586844.html.